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      We specialise in supply to high volume buyers for the following market sectors. Whatever your specification, we can customise bags and services to budget.

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      food to go paper bags

      Therm SealTM PEFC paper bags, perfect for keeping food hot or cold during transit. Ideal for both delivery and food-to-go.

    • RePapaPac®Nature’s Friendliest Carrier

      Repapapac - reusable paper bag

      A first for the paper bag industry, brought to you by AB Group Packaging. RePapaPac®, the Reusable Paper Bag is 'Natures Friendliest Carrier'. 100% reusable, super strong, water and tear resistant and sustainable. This product is fast becoming an alternative to thicker plastic bags for customers looking to reduce the amount of plastic in their stores.

    • We serve many different buyer scenarios:

      We work with “new to paper bag” high volume buyers transitioning away from plastic bags.
      We can project manage transitions of all or part supply portfolios from Plastic to Paper.
      We work with buyers seeking a new or second supplier for their paper bags.

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    • Carbon Neutral Products

      Carbon Neutral Bag

      Green energy efficient, clean air manufacturing processes and ethical supply chain make us the natural choice.

    • Global Supply Chain

      Global Supply Chain

      The primary mission of AB Group Packaging is guaranteed supply. We employ ERP systems to create strategies to always meet demand. You always have bags at the right size, in the right place and at the right time and within your budget.

    • Planet conscious paper bags

      Sustainable forestry management, clean power and carbon neutral manufacturing make AB Group's paper bags the natural choice.

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    • Ocean Friendly

      Clean sea with Sealions and seals

      Learn more about our latest innitiative to introduce 'Ocean Friendly' certification for paper products.

    • Forests for the future

      Tree saplings

      We work closely with our customers and suppliers in order to supply sustainably sourced paper. PEFC certified paper is available.

    • Local and global responsibility

      UK river

      We employ stringent quality and environmental controls to ensure the highest level of environmental protection across all our locations.

    • Innovative partnerships for better paper bags

      Working alongside paper manufacturers, technical institutions and customers to define the way paper bags meet future demand.

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    • Thinking outside the bag

      Innovation in a bag

      We specialize in cutting edge carry bag constructions using sustainable paper.

    • Designed for your brand

      paper bag design

      Our design team are experts at maintaining brand consistency across complex projects in multiple locations and languages.

    • Ocean Friendly certification

      Dolphins surfing in a Clean ocean

      Working alongside partner paper mills to develop certifications to keep our waters clean.

    • Multinational, high-volume paper bag manufacturer

      Three strategically located plants provide high quality paper bags and flexible packaging solutions for local, national and multinational brands.

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    • Strategic locations = optimal supply

      Countries map

      With three manufacturing plants in the UK, Ireland and Spain along with large warehouse capacity, we're ideally placed for supply across the world.

    • Ethical supply chain

      Ethical supply chain image

      We constantly monitor our supply chain to ensure it meets the highest ethical standards.

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RePapaPac reusable paper bag


Choose to Reuse!

RePapaPac® is manufactured solely from renewable paper sources. PEFC certified forests provide the wood pulp and both paper and bags are manufactured in the most climate friendly, sustainable way.

Made locally in the UK, Ireland and Europe, RePapaPac® is the natural, sustainable and low footprint alternative to plastic bags.

Virtuously valuing our planet and oceans

Sustainabilty credentials speak volumes to your customers, and what better way to display your commitment to healing our planet than to print your credentials on the bags your customers carry your goods in.

Reused time after time after time, RePapaPac® can send out your pro-climate message again and again.

RePapaPac® also comes with a number of end of life options built in, as it’s also 100% recyclable, compostable and biodegradable, so no more bags to landfill and ocean pollution!

RePapaPac strong reusable paper bag

Impressive functionality, high reliability

Capable of bearing heavy items of up to 16kg, RePapaPac® comes with soft but strong handles designed to make carrying that load more comfortable.

Manufactured using a special PEFC paper that’s considerably more durable than standard paper, they are super strong, water and tear resistant. A square base with large side gussets allows RePapaPac to sit upright and open for fast easy packing, then fold neatly flat for storage, ready for reuse over and over again.

Made to last and made to care

RePapaPac® is the first natural and climate conscious reusable paper bag.

In tests the bags have carried over 16kg for more than 80 lifts – take a look at our 60 second paper bag challenge video.

Replacing plastic bags with RePapaPac® can help prevent ocean pollution, contribute to re-forestation and protect biodiversity.

RePapaPac water resistant reusable paper bag

Multiple uses

From a weekly grocery shop, to a fashion and footwear spree, RePapaPac® can carry it all. With a sturdy construction and wide gusset width even the bulkiest items are a cinch.

Printed (eco-friendly of course) in any number of styles, colours or brands, they are perfect for the supermarket or High Street every day of the week, whatever the weather.

Rain or shine, staying strong

We’ve also tested RePapaPac® in wet conditions so you can be sure your bags keep doing the hard work whatever the weather!
Find out more about RePapaPac® by sending us an enquiry today. One of our team will respond as a matter of urgency to ensure you have all the information you need. Please click here to complete our simple enquiry form