• Multi-national paper bags manufacturer

      We specialise in supply to high volume buyers for the following market sectors. Whatever your specification, we can customise bags and services to budget.

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    • Our products

    • Unique Offering

      food to go paper bags

      Therm SealTM PEFC paper bags, perfect for keeping food hot or cold during transit. Ideal for both delivery and food-to-go.

    • RePapaPac®Nature’s Friendliest Carrier

      Repapapac - reusable paper bag

      A first for the paper bag industry, brought to you by AB Group Packaging. RePapaPac®, the Reusable Paper Bag is 'Natures Friendliest Carrier'. 100% reusable, super strong, water and tear resistant and sustainable. This product is fast becoming an alternative to thicker plastic bags for customers looking to reduce the amount of plastic in their stores.

    • We serve many different buyer scenarios:

      We work with “new to paper bag” high volume buyers transitioning away from plastic bags.
      We can project manage transitions of all or part supply portfolios from Plastic to Paper.
      We work with buyers seeking a new or second supplier for their paper bags.

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    • Our services

    • Carbon Neutral Products

      Carbon Neutral Bag

      Green energy efficient, clean air manufacturing processes and ethical supply chain make us the natural choice.

    • Global Supply Chain

      Global Supply Chain

      The primary mission of AB Group Packaging is guaranteed supply. We employ ERP systems to create strategies to always meet demand. You always have bags at the right size, in the right place and at the right time and within your budget.

    • Planet conscious paper bags

      Sustainable forestry management, clean power and carbon neutral manufacturing make AB Group's paper bags the natural choice.

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    • Ocean Friendly

      Clean sea with Sealions and seals

      Learn more about our latest innitiative to introduce 'Ocean Friendly' certification for paper products.

    • Forests for the future

      Tree saplings

      We work closely with our customers and suppliers in order to supply sustainably sourced paper. PEFC certified paper is available.

    • Local and global responsibility

      UK river

      We employ stringent quality and environmental controls to ensure the highest level of environmental protection across all our locations.

    • Innovative partnerships for better paper bags

      Working alongside paper manufacturers, technical institutions and customers to define the way paper bags meet future demand.

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    • Thinking outside the bag

      Innovation in a bag

      We specialize in cutting edge carry bag constructions using sustainable paper.

    • Designed for your brand

      paper bag design

      Our design team are experts at maintaining brand consistency across complex projects in multiple locations and languages.

    • Ocean Friendly certification

      Dolphins surfing in a Clean ocean

      Working alongside partner paper mills to develop certifications to keep our waters clean.

    • Multinational, high-volume paper bag manufacturer

      Three strategically located plants provide high quality paper bags and flexible packaging solutions for local, national and multinational brands.

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    • About us

    • Strategic locations = optimal supply

      Countries map

      With three manufacturing plants in the UK, Ireland and Spain along with large warehouse capacity, we're ideally placed for supply across the world.

    • Ethical supply chain

      Ethical supply chain image

      We constantly monitor our supply chain to ensure it meets the highest ethical standards.

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Planet Conscious Paper Bags

Our initiative for a sustainable future​

Planet Conscious Paper Bags

Imagine a paper bag that’s an exact fit for purpose and scores best among the most sustainable alternatives. This is the precise footprint for innovation at AB Group Packaging.

We accept briefs from demanding visionaries and propose ground breaking paper bag concepts that safeguard climate, forests and biodiversity. Delivering paper bags that will give back in as many ways to our planet as is practicably possible.

This is the unique ethos behind AB Group Packaging’s ‘Planet Conscious Paper Bags’ initiative.

Challenge Driven Design

We are driven by challenge to innovate to create a cost-effective paper bag that function optimally for the purpose it serves whilst being a super positive reflection of your company’s sustainability values.

Planet Conscious Paper Bags is about giving you all the options that guard against waste, use only the most sustainable materials and options for circularity, reuse, recyclability, composability and biodegradability. We are keen to learn about your proposal and will treat your brief with the utmost confidentiality to achieve the most planet conscious paper bags, unique to your brand, in your market place.

A sustainable paper bag for all sectors...

RePapaPac reusable paper bag
Reusable Paper Bags
Luxury paper bag
Luxury Shopping Bags
Nature's friendliest carrier paper bag
Unbleached Kraft Bags
Green foodhall bag
Wider Gusset Bags

Planet Positive Carry Solutions

Innovating every day to shape a sustainable future​

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