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      We specialise in supply to high volume buyers for the following market sectors. Whatever your specification, we can customise bags and services to budget.

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      food to go paper bags

      Therm SealTM PEFC paper bags, perfect for keeping food hot or cold during transit. Ideal for both delivery and food-to-go.

    • RePapaPac®Nature’s Friendliest Carrier

      Repapapac - reusable paper bag

      A first for the paper bag industry, brought to you by AB Group Packaging. RePapaPac®, the Reusable Paper Bag is 'Natures Friendliest Carrier'. 100% reusable, super strong, water and tear resistant and sustainable. This product is fast becoming an alternative to thicker plastic bags for customers looking to reduce the amount of plastic in their stores.

    • We serve many different buyer scenarios:

      We work with “new to paper bag” high volume buyers transitioning away from plastic bags.
      We can project manage transitions of all or part supply portfolios from Plastic to Paper.
      We work with buyers seeking a new or second supplier for their paper bags.

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      Carbon Neutral Bag

      Green energy efficient, clean air manufacturing processes and ethical supply chain make us the natural choice.

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      Global Supply Chain

      The primary mission of AB Group Packaging is guaranteed supply. We employ ERP systems to create strategies to always meet demand. You always have bags at the right size, in the right place and at the right time and within your budget.

    • Planet conscious paper bags

      Sustainable forestry management, clean power and carbon neutral manufacturing make AB Group's paper bags the natural choice.

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    • Ocean Friendly

      Clean sea with Sealions and seals

      Learn more about our latest innitiative to introduce 'Ocean Friendly' certification for paper products.

    • Forests for the future

      Tree saplings

      We work closely with our customers and suppliers in order to supply sustainably sourced paper. PEFC certified paper is available.

    • Local and global responsibility

      UK river

      We employ stringent quality and environmental controls to ensure the highest level of environmental protection across all our locations.

    • Innovative partnerships for better paper bags

      Working alongside paper manufacturers, technical institutions and customers to define the way paper bags meet future demand.

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    • Thinking outside the bag

      Innovation in a bag

      We specialize in cutting edge carry bag constructions using sustainable paper.

    • Designed for your brand

      paper bag design

      Our design team are experts at maintaining brand consistency across complex projects in multiple locations and languages.

    • Ocean Friendly certification

      Dolphins surfing in a Clean ocean

      Working alongside partner paper mills to develop certifications to keep our waters clean.

    • Multinational, high-volume paper bag manufacturer

      Three strategically located plants provide high quality paper bags and flexible packaging solutions for local, national and multinational brands.

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      Countries map

      With three manufacturing plants in the UK, Ireland and Spain along with large warehouse capacity, we're ideally placed for supply across the world.

    • Ethical supply chain

      Ethical supply chain image

      We constantly monitor our supply chain to ensure it meets the highest ethical standards.

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Ebbw Vale RFC Sponsorship

Ebbw Vale Logo

AB Group Packaging is delighted to announce a new commercial partnership with Welsh semi-professional rugby club, Ebbw Vale RFC.

Still popularly known as the Steelmen, although the heavy industry that gave rise to the name in the town has long gone, the club was formed in 1880 and first played on a field south of the present ground where fierce matches were played between local teams like Bakehouse Rovers, the Lillywhites and the Crusaders. The club now plays just a fiercely in the Indigo Premiership from their home ground is Eugene Cross Park which is just a few miles south of AB Group Packaging’s plant in Wales.

The club’s supporters are know as the Ebbw Addicts who run fun days and activities for all the family. New members welcome – details on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SteelmanRugby or web page https://www.evrfc.co.uk/ebbw-addicts/

Take a look here for upcoming fixtures: https://www.evrfc.co.uk/rugby/fixtures-and-results/


There are more and more reasons to replace the plastic Bag for Life with one in paper when you go shopping. BillerudKorsnäs and AB Group Packaging therefore proudly present the reusable paper bag, one of the world’s strongest paper bags now available in UK Supermarkets.

The secret behind the power of the Reusable Paper bag is the raw material called FibreForm®.
“For consumers, reusable bags in RPET, fabric or PP have long been available for consumers but can now be replaced by a Reusable bag made of FibreForm®”, says Veronica Fylkner, Sales Manager, Formable Solutions at BillerudKorsnäs.
“FibreForm® is one of the strongest kraft papers in the world. It’s been on the market for a while and we are still exploring its full potential. We see several new applications we can develop with FibreForm® and we are eager to replace less sustainable materials and solutions. It is a journey that we are pleased to be on as we can help decrease the amount of plastics and aluminium in different applications on the market”

Laboratory tests have shown that the reusable paper bag can be reused over and over again.
“We tested one bag until breakdown and it lasted 43 cycles which is equivalent with 860 lifts and this with a high weight of 16 kg. We can really say that FibreForm® is suitable for reuse in all types of weather.” says Veronica.

Today AB Group Packaging, who manufactures in Ireland, the UK and Spain, is offering the ultra-strong paper bag to several major supermarkets in the United Kingdom. Compared to several other European countries, paper bags have not been an option in most UK retail stores, until recently.
The reasons behind this have been due to cost, a strong plastic industry and some misperceptions that papers are weak and have higher climate impact. With good virgin paper from integrated paper mills you actually can crush both of those myths.

“We are really pleased to be working with BillerudKorsnäs – which we have done now for about 30 years. They are number one in all categories.” says Dermot Brady, founder and CEO at AB Group Packaging.
AB Group Packaging have developed this ultra-strong bag with one of the strongest papers from BillerudKorsnäs. The aim has been to launch a re-usable paper bag, and AB Group Packaging have some of the largest clients on-board to make this change.

“Reduce, reuse, recycle – this is my vision of how the industry should operate in the future. We are responsible for every product we put on the market, all should be renewable. We want zero negative influence when producing and using our products and we are so pleased to be able to offer this product to the market.” says Dermot.

The future bag is one step towards a sustainable future, to abandon plastic bags and use bio-based and 100% recyclable material. A common misunderstanding is that paper has a higher impact on the climate than plastic.  Several studies have shown that BillerudKorsnas packaging materials have a lower climate impact than other materials. When the Swedish environmental institute IVL made a life cycle assessment on a BillerudKorsnäs standard paper for carrier bags, the paper actually had lower climate impact than bio-based plastic, recycled plastic and fossil based plastic. The material used by AB Group Packaging for the supermarket chains in the UK is BillerudKorsnäs FibreForm® Kraft Paper – attaining both environmentally friendly criteria’s above.

The uniqueness of FibreForm® is the high stretch, and how tear resistant and strong it is.
For several types of strong paper bags normal kraft paper is enough, but if you want that extra level of strength to be able to reuse the bag several times – FibreForm® is a good option.

“The world is now ready for a shift – from plastics to renewable bio-based products.” says Dermot Brady.

Find out more about the AB Group Packaging Reusable Paper Bag at https://www.abgrouppackaging.com/repapapac/ and watch the 60 second strength challenge video to see the product being tested. Or contact me for more information or to place an order on

Paper Tableware Bags

Paper tableware bags are very hygienic, preserving the contents and ensuring they reach the customer in prime condition. They make clearing and relaying tables simple and efficient and are quickly becoming an essential restaurant item in a time when both hygiene and fast turnaround is imperative.

Bags can be printed with your own designs, from your restaurant brand to your menu or even your guide to Covid safe dining.

For more details or to place your order get in touch today.

Since the initial outbreak of the Coronavirus in January ABGP have been monitoring the situation and we have assured ourselves that we have sufficient support from our supply partners to ensure no impact from the current spread of the virus or from its foreseen spread.

None of our supply chains are sourced through the province of Wuhan or direct from China and as such we expect no disruption to our service or product availability.

Should any products unexpectedly suffer a lack of availability due to a further impact from the spread of the virus then we have alternatives that are equal and immediately available to cover this gap for all our customers.

Should the localised outbreak of the virus spread further to any of our manufacturing sites in the UK, Ireland or Spain then we have a robust disaster and emergency plan to support any members of our team infected by this virus.

We continue to lead the market in our sustainability and responsibility to and on behalf of all our customers and suppliers.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.
Reusable paper bags at PEFC Stakeholder

One of the hot topics at the recent PEFC Annual Stakeholder Meeting was challenging conventional thinking and misinformation about paper bags not being a better solution than thick plastics. AB Group Packaging showcased the worlds’ first recyclable, sustainable, biodegradable 100% Reusable Paper Bag and encouraged delegates to try it out for themselves to see just how strong and durable the bag really is.

The events’ overarching theme of Forests: Providing innovative solutions to global challenges; covered a diverse range of topics and lively discussion on how important our forests are to the future of the planet. See more on Twitter using #pefcasm2019

Ocean Friendly certification

AB Group is working alongside several paper mills to champion a new “Ocean Friendly” certification for all our packaging. The initiative is a reflection of the commitment that the company has made to drive the switch to sustainable packaging and ensure our products and manufacturing processes are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Details will be published here as the project progresses.

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